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EnGage FAQ

EnGage Mobile App

The EnGage Ecosystem collectively allows you to manage your drill sharing and teaching experience from end to end. There are two main components, the EnGage Portal (the website) and the EnGage Mobile App. The Portal allows you to upload and manage your EnVision drill files and the EnGage Mobile App allows your staff and students to download your drill onto their device and view it with ease!

The EnGage App is free for everyone, but to get drill on your device you must have an Access Code from the EnGage Portal. Access Codes are provided to Portal Account owners and there is a fee associated with owning a Portal Account. Please see the pricing page for more information

    Account and Logging In

    How do I login?

    Downloading Drill

    How do I download drill?
    How do I update my drill to a new version?
    What is an Access Code?
    Where do I enter my Group Access Code?

    Opening Drill

    How do I open my drill?
    How do I start without selecting a performer?

    Playback and Changing Sets

    How do I go to the next set? How do I go to the next count?
    How do I see all sets?
    How do I watch the drill? How do I play the drill?
    Can I edit the drill?


    I deselected my performer, how to I select my performer again? How do I select my performer?
    How do I view my dot?