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EnGage FAQ

EnGage Portal (this website)

The EnGage Portal is a place to upload and store drill files for use by the EnGage App. Using the EnGage Portal is the only way to download drill files into the EnGage Mobile App.

The Portal has many features that help with organizing your drill and allowing collaborators to access and upload drill as well. Consider the scenario where a Band Director outsources the drill writing to a professional Drill Writer. In this case the Band Director would be the owner of the account and the Drill Writer would be a Collaborator. The Collaborators are allowed to upload drill files into a Group owned by someone else so that they may be accessible by the owner, by other collaborators, and can be downloaded by EnGage Mobile App users using the Access Code.

    EnGage Portal Account

    How do I create an account?
    What is the Groups List Page?
    How do I change my Account Settings?
    How do I delete my Account?
    How do I change my Password?
    How do I reset my password if I forget it?


    How much does the EnGage Portal Cost?

    Groups and Drill

    How do I Upload Drill?
    What is a group?
    How do I Create a Group?
    How do I get more Groups?
    How do I delete a Group?
    How do I open the Group Page?
    What is the Group Page?
    What is a Group Access Code?
    Can I change the Group Access Code? Why would I want to change the Group Access Code?
    How do I Rename my Group?

    Mobile Users

    What are Mobile Users?
    I've never seen the Mobile Users button before, is it new?
    Why was the Mobile Users feature added?
    My band currently uses the Access Code to download drill in EnGage, do I have to change?
    How do I add Mobile Users to my Group?
    What happens when I add a Mobile User?
    How do I remove Mobile Users from my Group?
    What do Mobile Users have access to do?


    What is a Collaborator?
    How do I add Collaborators?
    How do I remove Collaborators?